About Lady Latte

I’ve always had a dominating personality and an interest in things, ‘taboo.’ Since about 15, I could remember getting those around me to try new things outside of their normal box (consensually, of course). Sensuality and getting others around me to feel comfortable with expressing their desires has always come easy to me. I remember reading a few books by the author Zane and thinking to myself, ‘I want a life like these stories, except I’m seducing the womxn sexually and the men financially. I now lead a life a lot like those stories, running a business tapping into the most unconventional kinks and fetishes of men all over the world through phone calls, homemade clips, cam shows, selling my worn socks, thongs and a plethora of other things.

I started within this industry in 2014, but ventured online in 2015. I realized that there weren’t many Black women who were being not only sexual, but DOMINANT. There was a void. We were expected to only be submissive and if we were pleasing ourselves, it was to be only what men wanted to see and what was seen for many years in mainstream porn — directed for the male gaze and usually not how womxn pleased themselves when no one was watching. I grew a fan base because I allowed myself to be both.

‘You can watch me, but you will not dictate to me how you want my sexuality to be displayed. This is MY sexuality and you will appreciate my showing you how I see fit or you can get the royal fuck.’ — Chy Latte

Featured Clip — Completely Controlled by Black Goddess”
Worshiping Black Goddesses is deeper than the physical. You’re worshiping the Creator when you worship a Black Goddess. Click the link below:

The name, ‘Chy Latte,’ came about back on my Tumblr days. I would post teasers and someone said that I was, ‘addictive.’ Back then, my name was Chyna Lattimore *yikes* I’ve always loved a play on words and I LOVE coffee, so I shortened it to something that made complete sense, ‘Chy Latte, you new favorite addiction.’ Everything aligned after that.

As time went on, I started to build my world.

With over 600+ clips under my name (and quickly growing!) in a multitude of categories, I have and continued to try out and grow in a number of different fetishes and kinks over the years.

I have had a number of men approach me to tell me that they had no idea they had a fetish for something until they watched my content. I get a lot of messages from Black men in particular who have thanked me for being so open sexually and helping them realize their kinks and fetishes.

Full lips, a pride in every stretch mark, mesmerizing eyes, a full-body, a sense of dominance that is unshakable and a personality that is both silly and welcoming made men (and others) fall to their knees everywhere. Anyone who didn’t understand this power either bowed to my will or was ignored completely. I am here for those who are open to growing and exploring more outside of what they were taught.

I’m really big on helping the Black community specifically realize that our sexual experiences are not shameful. We all have kinks that we have not been allowed to dabble in because of sexual oppression within the Black community. My goal is for Black folks to be able to free our minds of what has been taught generation after generation and decolonize our minds so we can experience things that we deemed, ‘White people shit.’ I continue to strive for a place where those who respect me and what I do can explore those exact kinks and more in a safe place without shame.

With those avenues and doors now open, I have built a Cafe, so to speak, for Fetishes and Kinks Black women have not wildly ventured into before. My favorite fetishes and kinks include:

Mouth Fetish * Tongue Fetish * Spit Fetish * Lollipop Licking * Lip Fetish * Lipstick Fetish * Lip Gloss Fetish * Giantess/Shrinking Fetish * Vore * Feedee *Mommy Fetish *Taboo * Mommas boy * Step-Family Fantasy * Black Female Supremacy * Sensual Domination * Ebony / Black Goddess Worship * Ebony / Black Female Domination * Financial Domination * Money Fetish * Ass Worship * Ebony Ass Worship * Ebony Foot Fetish * Foot Worship * Food Crushing * Foot Domination *Sock Fetish * Tease and Denial * Humiliation * Jerk Off Instruction / JOI * CBT Instruction * Cum Eating Instruction * Tit Worship * Intox Fetish * Interracial Humiliation * Interracial Domination * Home Wrecker * Small Penis Humiliation / SPH * Cuckolding * Chastity * Brainwashing • Mind Control • Sub Training / Slave Training * Coerced Bi * Feminization

When I’m not working, you can find me performing somewhere in the arts, discussing sex positive lifestyles and all over health from mental to physical. I can be found on the following sites for clip purchases, phone calls, Custom Clip Orders and Live Camming:

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